A frog in Tom Waits’ throat?


Did you know?

Tom Waits wasn’t born with the voice of an ill tempered cement mixer. His trademark gravel vocal stems from years of gargling glass twice a day. Refreshing beer bottle shards in the morning, followed by a rich mixture of bourbon bottle, pinto windshield and head cracked windows before bed time. Now that is one badass regiment.


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3 Responses to “A frog in Tom Waits’ throat?”

  1. Ori Says:

    It’s all lies. I think you made the whole thing up! Tom knows where you live and he will use his mighty voice to flay your skin like sand paper!

  2. rothwaits Says:

    Do you doubt the authority of Tim Roth, one of the most respected actors alive?! My reputation precedes me!

  3. Ori Says:

    We shall see about that when “Incredible Hulk” comes out, Roth!

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