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Tom Waits isn’t always the fun loving, happy go lucky kind of guy we know and love. No one knows what he’s like when really depressed. No human mind could understand, let alone handle that kind of melancholy. When Tom gets really mortally depressed, which happens only once a year or so, He can’t drink nor write. When this happens, not a bar, nor strip joint, nor 15 dollar prostitute, nor any of those classic remedies will do. To get over a Tom Waits class depression, Tom must find the nearest McDonald’s branch, order a happy meal, and eat the tasteless hamburger in the gloominess of the neon light and infantile decor while salting his fries with his tears. It is not a pretty sight, but it’s the only thing that does the trick.


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2 Responses to “McGloom”

  1. slevi Says:

    wow, amazing, happy meals actually have the power to make tom waits happy..crap!

    does that work for regular people too?

  2. rothwaits Says:

    No. You see it’s all relative. Tom’s depression is so profound that he finds solace in the crapiness of the happy meal. As for regular people, it only makes them depressed.

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