Tom in the sky with diamonds


Did you know?

Tom Waits tried acid once and never again. In describing the experience he recalled hallucinating “hundreds of me coming at me with various unholy purposes. I remember one of me even coming on to me, and foregoing subtleties at that. It was the only time in my life I found myself scared shitless.” Ever since then Tom’s vowed to stick to the liqour, a vow that he seems to maintain with quite a bit of ease.


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One Response to “Tom in the sky with diamonds”

  1. shuckslbj Says:

    That’s an awesome story!

    Yo, I made a page of “Tom Waits Facts” at You should give it a look. I’d love to post your story, perhaps as a “special edition TRUE STORY Tom Waits fact” or something. Let me know what you think.



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