Super Awesome Tom Waits Vision


Did you know?

Tom Waits’s record company once tried to market special 3D glasses called “Super Awesome Tom Waits Vision”. The glasses, when worn, simply rendered everything within site into musical instruments, sexy dames and various alcoholic beverages. The glasses were recalled after some bespectacled teenagers broke into the San Diego zoo and proceeded to play a tiger like a piano, to sexually harass a giraffe and to try drink a penguin dry. No animals were hurt in the making of this amazing Tom Waits fact.


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4 Responses to “Super Awesome Tom Waits Vision”

  1. Nobodyseennothin Says:

    The tiger’s stripes were ripe for the playing. I learned how to play Chopin based on the muscle kinetics of the drugged growling beast, under the influence of Waitsosity. The penguin looked like an un-mixed drink, also ripe for the playing. And I’m really sorry about the giraffe. Innocent bystander, but I’m a sucker for hooves and long necks. I just put my Tom Waits glasses on eBay. Opening bid was $1k.

  2. tercero Says:

    I bought them and proceeded to play my penis like a flute.

  3. shuckslbj Says:

    Hey. I like your Tom Waits fact. I’ve created a whole page of them and you should check it out. Please let me know what you think and you can suggest more TW facts which I might post. I might even post this one (and credit you) if you’d like.

  4. shuckslbj Says:

    Oh, crap, the URL is:



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