The Waits orchestra


Did you know?

Tom Waits is the world’s greatest multi-instrumentalist, having received the title by playing 276 different instruments at once. Sufficient to say that during the performance Tom was playing a harpsichord with the knuckle of the middle toe on his left foot, while his right earlobe was busy strumming away at a sitar.


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2 Responses to “The Waits orchestra”

  1. john dole Says:

    i read about tom’s possible induction into the rock & roll hall of fame and i thought i’d share a story…tom was my brother’s good friend in high school and he got his first job singing and or playing…anywhere. He was hired to play at the Sunnyside Steak Ranch in the piano bar…but he didn’t know any songs…or how to read music. so he came to our house and borrowed my dad’s Frank Sinatra albums and learned as many songs…by ear…as he could. We went to the steak ranch to listen to him play the piano and sing that night and he got requests for songs other than Sinatra’s…and tom would say…”i don’t know that one but here is a nice one”… and he’d sing another Sinatra song. He only lasted one night but it was great. Not long after, he came to the house and played HIS first song, “Ice Cream Man”, and it was on his first album, “Closing Time” about 2 years later. my dad listened to his album with me, smiled, and said “that kid is going to make it”.
    Good Luck,TOM!

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